1990s Seagull S6 "Cedar" Dreadnought Guitar

This customer's guitar was in for a crack repair, setup, and new strings. I love these older Seagulls  (they're simple, practical, and functional production instruments) and this one only bears the model name of "cedar" in the soundhole -- though its modern equivalent is an S6. Like most old Seagulls, this one has ply birch ("Canadian cherry") back and sides, a mahogany neck, rosewood fretboad and bridge, and a solid (in this case, cedar) top with x-bracing.

Spec-wise and body-shape-wise, this is a guitar after a J-45/J-50 vibe with its more sloping shoulders and 24 7/8" scale length. The wide (1 13/16") nut width, however, gives it almost a 30s feel at the neck, despite the tiny (unobtrusive?) headstock.

I strung this with my "balanced" set of lights -- 54w, 40w, 30w, 22w, 17, 13 -- and it sounds big and in-charge with them.

I compensated the saddle a little and added string ramps. If you can't tell, the pickguard is a dark brown color.

Like all Seagulls, the neck is mounted with two bolts.