1994 Fender Mexican Stratocaster Electric Guitar

This was just in for a setup but I figured I'd share as it has just enough wear to make it "cozy" rather than dull. I think this began life as a candy apple red or red sparkle Strat but in person the finish is now faded a bit to a red-orange that's actually pretty easy on the eyes. The pickguard and hardware has all "faded" as well, giving this the look you want to see from  something that will be hauled to lots of gigs in the near-future.

The guitar is all-original save the extra string tree I added up here. I can't stand having the D&G strings get that muffled "wung" sound when they don't have quite the right downpressure. Resistance from the trees won't matter for this player's needs as the trem has been blocked to, essentially, make it a hardtail.

1 11/16" nut width, cinnamon-brown frosewood, and jumbo frets are standard-issue for these '90s MIM guitars. It's scary to think that 1994 was 22 years ago.

Wisely, some previous owner discarded the extraneous trem cover.

The sealed tuners are nice touch right out of '80s styling.

The blocking job is not fancy but it is functional.

...and who doesn't like to see a few love bites?