2000s Martin OM-16GT Flattop Guitar

The OM-16GT isn't made anymore but it was basically the long-scale variant of the popular 000-16GT which was made as a "new tech" model to keep manufacturing costs down (simplified X-bracing and a bolted neck -- things that are arguably more practical). It's got a solid spruce top and solid mahogany back, sides, and neck. The bridge and fretboard are both black Micarta, however, rather than ebony, which puts this at earliest in the 2000s. This one is more-or-less original but sports a K&K 3-sensor pickup ($100) and a replacement, TorTis-style pickguard (or maybe StewMac-sourced) in the small teardrop shape. It's ready for the road!

This guitar came in on Friday for consignment and a customer/friend of mine came in to try it out today and took it home (pending trade/money to be concluded this coming Saturday), so I didn't get a chance to record a soundclip (or even check the serial number), though I did give it a fresh setup. The K&K pickup has a great, balanced tone to my ears (I heard the fellow running it through one of my PA speakers) -- and the acoustic tone is certainly that classic, warm, rumbly old Martin sound. The long scale helps this one stand out (projection-wise, and "old-timey"-wise) from the pack of 000-16GTs I've heard now and then coming in for work. This one seems to have also been played-in enough to give it some juice, frankly, though it hasn't been abused.

Rosewood headstock veneer, mini-buttoned sealed tuners, Micarta nut...

and a black, Micarta, radiused fretboard with pearl dots. I'll be honest -- why not use Micarta? The stuff looks clean and wears extremely well. I like it.

The neck has that 30s Martin feel with a smaller C/V hybrid shape.

Unlike the rosewood versions of the 16GT models, the mahogany ones are solid-wood. Only the top has gloss finish -- the back and sides are satin.

There's a couple little, repaired, love bite cracks here on the lower-bout side.

A hard, flat-topped case is included.