2000s Rogue RLS-1 Lap Steel Guitar

At $100 new, these Chinese-made Rogues are not the most expensive instruments in the world, but they get the job done and come with three (adjustable) legs and a gigbag to boot. These are a bit of a knock-off in the vein of the old Fender Champions, though the short 20 7/8" scale and unprofiled body (it's simply flat) give it a very plain-Vanilla "Chicago lap steel" look.

There's not much else to say -- it's a functional, practical, slab of wood with fret markers past the second octave, a Fender-y pickup, and volume/tone controls. This one is lightly-used and shows a tiny bit of use-wear here and there, but is otherwise as-new.

The nut is 2" in width and plastic. The tuners are bare-bones but work. The moment you start upgrading something like this you start to find you've doubled the price, though let's admit it: a set of Kluson-style tuners on here would look nice...

The simply Strat-style pup sounds just dandy (though imagine all the aftermarket stuff you could drop in there, modders!) and the adjustable bridge is quirky and somewhat strange to see on a lap steel (a simple straight metal saddle would work just as well) but functional.

The legs easily mount into three recessed plates on the bottom. This comes with its original gigbag and additional bag for the legs.