2005 FolkRoots "D" Walnut Mountain Dulcimer

The FolkRoots dulcimers (made in Connecticut -- at least this one) have a long pedigree and are certainly a good-quality choice if you're after a proper mountain/Appalachian dulcimer sound. The bodies are a bit deeper and this gives a fuller sound and some more volume compared to the average type. This one is also all-solid walnut throughout and the satin finish gives just enough luster for it to pop. This instrument is in "as new" condition with just very minor scratching here and there and a tiny nick near the bridge.

It comes with an original gigbag and dulcimer capo (yes! hurray!) as well. The model number is hard to read inside but I think it says "DSSO-174" and is dated to December of 2005.

The heart-shaped soundholes are quite lovely. This model, new, is running in the $500+ range these days, from what I can glean on the net.