2006 National Delphi "Frosted Duco" Resonator guitar

This near-mint Delphi is the modern embodiment of those old "duco" finish Nationals -- being a 12-fret, steel-bodied, big-sounding, rumbly beast. Did I mention the "faded mint" color? It's gorgeous and seems far-more durable than the old painted-on "duco" finishes I'm much more familiar with on the old Nationals. Tonally, I prefer a steel body, myself. It has a directness of tone and thumpy cut that I find a lot of fun for band use, though it's not quite as dark on the low-end as the "silver" Nat'ls. It's more, well, "bluesy."

Normal modern National specs apply -- 00-size body, 1 13/16" nut width, medium C/V neck shape, and 25" scale. It's got a fresh setup and plays spot-on at 1/16" DGBE and 3/32" EA at the 12th fret.

Under the hood is the standard 9 1/2" single-cone, biscuit-bridge setup.

I love the restrained logo at the headstock. The (straight) neck on this is mahogany, the nut is bone, the truss functions 100%, the board is rosewood with pearl dots (and a shallow radius), and... and...! It feels good.

I know, right? It's nice to see a "frosted" finish like this completely clean and unmolested.

Like all modern Nat'ls, the bridge-cover/wrist-rest removes with 4 machine screws which makes setup at the saddle a breeze. The saddle on this had been cut-down before I set it up but I compensated it to keep it in tune up the neck...

...and strung the strings "backwards" under the tailpiece to get more downpressure/better back-angle and clean up the tone. This also keeps the tailpiece off of the coverplate which removes the potential for rattle in that regard. It's currently strung-up with what feels like mediums.

The vintage Waverly-esque tuners are a nice touch.

A gigbag is included.