Tomorrow's Soundings

Whew! Today was yet another road race. It's been hopping with while-you-wait and drop-by visits and repairs. I like that, but it doesn't promote a healthy blog presence, hee hee.

Tomorrow you guys get to see a round of newer consignment guitars I finished setting-up this afternooon including a newer "Duco" National 12-fret, as-new Eastman 1930s-style 0-18-ish "parlor" guitar, and a 90s Martin 000-16GT (with the hog back and sides).

If I get more time to finish other things off, too, a MayBell College Pal will be up for sale and a few other parlors should be coming out of the pipeline. I missed a chance on snagging pics of a nice 2006 Gibson J-200 that was in for a refret (to jumbo frets) which I feel a little regret for. It was a honey!