1940s Geib Brown 16" Arched-Lid Hard Guitar Case

These old '40s brown Geib cases are the same kind you might find coming with a nice 16" Gibson archtop guitar.  This one has a nice, bright blue, interior and is in overall good condition and ready for service. It will fit a 000 to mini-jumbo (16" lower bout) shape and -- as these were intended -- fits a 16" archtop guitar "like a glove."

The lining is in good shape but there's a small patch near the headstock that's come unglued -- it would glue back down easy.

Here's a 16" Gibson archtop for size comparison.

The Bakelite handle is cool.

Here's the branding.

There's some wear to the covering right at the bottom-bottom, but it's good to go.