1950s Harmony Plastic Fretboard Soprano Ukulele

Here's a cute little thing! It's not often that all I have to do on a uke is restring it and set it up -- but that's what we have, here. There are no cracks, it's all-solid birch in the body (poplar neck), and plastic-boarded, '50s cool. The sound of this is what I think a lot of folks would imagine the "classic ukulele tone to be -- probably because Harmony ukes are out there like the tin soldiers of the uke world.

Action is good at hair-over 1/16" at the 12th fret, it's strung with fluorocarbon strings, and it has an enjoyable, mellow, decently-loud voice.

Also -- don't forget the cool stencils!

...and the classic Harmony decal.

The brown-red marbled plastic board is in good shape, though right at the end there's a little hairline crack where the screw meets it over the body (not an issue).

The doweled neck joint is still good on this one.