1960s Favilla Baritone Ukulele

This Favilla bari is a bit late in the game for the maker, but the honey-brown finish and "jazzy" sound to the instrument give it a distinct edge. This customer's instrument was in for light adjustments -- we shaved the saddle down and set it up to play better in-shop -- and the result is a very nice player that now feels as good as it sounds.

Favillas have fan bracing like a classical guitar and have a very lightweight build, giving them a voice that can often have "flamenco" tonality when strummed hard. When you soften-up the attack they give a nice, full, bossa nova voice which sounds great with closed-position chords.

This one is solid mahogany throughout with a rosewood board and bridge and bone nut and saddle.

The gloss finish is interesting (for my eyes) on an old Favilla since I'm so used to seeing a dark-brown, satin finish that covers up the wood to a certain extent.