1960s Supro Trojan S6616 1x10 Tube Amplifier

This cute little amp comes-in by way of a wheeler-dealer friend of mine. He picked this up in a trade with one of his buddies and brought it here for sale. It's got a single 10" speaker and the overall size is 20x15x7" so it's lightweight and easy to carry around. I have no idea of its output but I'd guess between 5-10w or so. It's quite loud and gutsy and distorts beautifully at low-medium volumes for that classic, raunchy/bluesy, "Supro" tone. These amps were made by Valco, of course, and make excellent studio or small-venue rigs. Internet mythology also tells me Mr. J. Page used one of these for recording -- which is not surprising as you can get a ballsy tone at useful volume.

My only work on it was to spray-out the pots and tube sockets with cleaner, swap-out the original RCA 12AX7 tubes for modern no-brand Chinese 12AX7s (more on that later), and a bit of general cleaning. It still has its original 2-prong power cord but overall the amp is in great, perfectly-useful condition. There's light blemish to the metal bits but it's been stored well.

One tone, one volume (also on/off), and 3 (yes!) inputs...

The tremolo is quite choppy and psychedelic in its sound. It's pretty wild and would be fun in the right situation. No -- it's not working incorrectly -- that's just the vibe. It's not "mixed" with a dry signal since there's no "depth" control -- just a speed control -- so the effect is very intense.

The handle's in good order.

The grille is, too.

The power on this is a 6V6 and there are two 12AX7s for pres. This initially came with an all-original, all-RCA lineup.

I swapped these two RCA 12AX7s for standard-issue Chinese 12AX7s from my tube-drawer because the Chinese ones lowered the base noise on the amp back to normal. There's your average amount of light bzzz from the amp when the volume is cranked, but the new pres gave the amp a lot more power and clean tone -- so there you have it.

The originals are stowed in the cabinet.

Curiously, I have no idea how to date a "D-prefix" Valco serial.

Here they are a-glowing!