PreSonus TubePre V2

I've used this little tube preamp on a number of recordings and shows and have always found it a useful little gadget to have around. Because I have a couple fancier pres these days, this is surplus now, but lightly-used and in good health.

Aside from thickening-up vocals and adding another layer of yum for electric guitar work for recording, I've found this to be an awesome unit to use at shows if you're an electric bass player plugging directly into a PA and want a little bit more "tone" to your signal. I've also used it with a 50s "bullet mic" for a simple, overdriven harmonica tone.

It's a simple one-in, one-out pre with a 12AX7 tube inside (I think I either have a standard-issue "Chinese" or "JJ" one at the moment) and has inputs for both a mic (phantom-powered, yes) or instrument/straight-jack input.

Power, of course, included.