Workshop: New Business Cards

There are many blog posts on finished-up instruments I've yet to post tonight, but I wanted to share a minor triumph: new business cards!

I've been without "real" business cards for 4+ years, now. I used to be fairly religious about keeping some around, but after all that waiting-around for myself to make a new design for print, I finally sat down and did these up a few days ago and had them printed.

Hopefully you'll be receiving one in the strings of an instrument from the shop! *nudge, nudge*


Unknown said…
Your logo is awesome. You should put that on a shirt. I know that I'd gladly pay for one and wear it a few times a week.
Jake Wildwood said…
Caleb: Thanks! I think of that from time to time. I ripped it from an old Oahu guitars/student magazine cover cartoon from '39 or '40, I think. It's like the Morton Salt Guitarist! If I have shirts made up I'll put 'em in the inventory. :)