In Store: Appleseed Collective

I'd like to give a strong shout-out for Appleseed Collective who played an in-shop concert for us last night. My friend Marc (a promoter) strong-armed me into clearing-up the shop to have these guys play (I haven't had a store concert in a couple years) and I'm so, so, so glad he did. They're great and I hope you all check them out. Again -- their website.

If you see these guys with a giant kazoo-horn object while on tour, you now know where they got it from, hee hee.

The crowd was just the right size for our space (what you don't see, here, are all the folks packed to the left behind the iPhone video grabber). The band moved down the street for a second set at our friend Sandy's bakery where I'm hopeful they grabbed another pot of dough (figuratively) before heading on to Burlington.

They're top-notch players -- all four -- and the fiddler doubles on mandolin.