Inventory I/O

It's been a wild few weeks as far as sales go -- with much of my inventory cleared-out and my days filled with packing and small adjustments before shipping. Unfortunately, it'll take a bit to re-stock fancier gear as I'm focusing on customer repairs now that the boxes are all out in the world and on their way (or received and happily playing in their new homes). Thanks, by the way!

A couple came back just because they didn't fit hands or weight needs -- the awesome Makapili concert uke and the Washburn 5-string banjo.

I also put the Martin Shenandoah D-2832 back up in the inventory as I'd pulled it aside to give it a good test-run for my own needs over the past two weeks. It sounds/feels incredible, but I have to admit that my body's never "fit" Martin-style D shapes because of where the waist sits in relation to my right arm and so that's the reason. I played it at last week's jam and I was entirely thrilled with how it cut through in that setting -- it's kind-of a monster in terms of projection.

The owner of the Kel Kroydon has also dropped the price to $2500 -- which is a great price for an instrument that everyone falls in love with when they pass through the shop and give it a try. It's a nice "magic mystery" guitar for folks that aren't up on their Gibson history.