1982 Daion The '82 Flattop Jumbo Guitar

My friend Rick has a huge Daion herd and this is, by far, my favorite of his bunch -- possibly because it has that traditional/non-traditional half-way meeting-point that's the best feature of many Japanese acoustics from this time. Daion made yearly special models and this is their one for '82. It's a jumbo guitar along the lines of a J-200 in sizing, though with quite different specs otherwise.

The top is solid cedar and x-braced, the back and sides are rosewood, the neck is mahogany, and the board and bridge are both rosewood. It has boutique-style maple binding all around, elegant purfling, lots of brass inlay (and a brass saddle/nut), and a distinctive reverse "redburst" (they call it wine) finish to the top. The sound is rumbly and warm with that clear, balanced, mids-rich sound that one gets from a good jumbo body.

We did a quick setup on this guitar today and aside from adjusting the nut and saddle (and compensating the B-string slot), nothing else was needed and the guitar shows no prior work done to it.

I like the Weissenborn-style bridge shape.

Good-quality sealed tuners and a Martin-style "volute" add class to the headstock.


Unknown said…
Great pictures, I love the look of this guitar.

Unknown said…
I have one that I won in a contest. I was very surprised when I received it. I replaced the nut and bridge saddle with bone. It could use a neck reset. I don't play it much, mostly play electric guitar.
Phil Fly Zuckerman
Unknown said…
I recently bought a Daion 82 with original case from an older lady in almost mint condition. I had never heard of these guitars and am very pleased with the rich sound and overall quality. I'm trying to find what these guitars normally retail if anyone can help.
Frenchiecroft said…
I own one, and it reminds me very much of a mid to late 50s Gibson J-200.Mine has seen plenty of action over the years, and is no case Queen, but sure has plenty of character.