Goings-On #3357

Oh, my, summer is passing very fast. I've been very remiss about emails, but I will try to get back to everyone. The days in the shop have been long and full, as usual, for this time of year -- though I've been making some distinct progress on my insane customer-repair backlog, lately. There'll be plenty of eye candy in the next few days.

I'm feeling pretty thankful, today, despite the insane catastrophic news from all over the world (and on our own soil, too). Let me just say... I talk to at least a few out-of-country folks each week (not just Canadians!) and can report that, for the most part, the human world is actually a pretty great place and full of fascinating, interested, lively, and intelligent people. Don't let the news fool you.

I'm also feeling quite lucky, right now, to be working the job I am and meeting and interacting with all of the people I've gotten to know through this business. In this week alone I've been traded or gifted a giant batch of cookies, food from a local restaurant, and a small, wonderful sculpture made by a metalworker. It's reminded me of other past gifts and trades including homemade hard cider, a gorgeous weathervane, big jars of whipped honey, music t-shirts, bins of berries, wild old ephemera (photos, catalogs, etc.) and all manner of other local products. These are "rich in spirit" additions to our business and home and I'm always appreciative of them and the reasons for them.

So, thank you all -- and thank you all for staying-tuned to this crazy adventure. We'll get back to "real stuff" tomorrow!

p.s. Totally aside from things, the postal strike in Canada appears to be over and supplier BezDez is back to filling orders, thank goodness. I was running out of little bits to finish-off less-expensive jobs.