Happy Fourth -- Continued

The band played the park today! Fun was had by all. And, just before we went on, a surprise...

That's Bob (my father-in-law), Bernie Sanders, Mary (my mother-in-law), and Tom (my bandmate) stealing a photo with Bernie! Mr. Sanders has been to our town for multiple 4th of July parades, and I got the chance to talk to him with Bonnie a few years ago. This time Bob got to chit-chat! I'm very jealous.

Anyway, more band shots -- with Chinese parasols borrowed from the antique part of the shop!

Local musicians Ham Smith (guitar, voice), Steve Sak (guitar, voice), Tom Christiano (mandolin), Tim Price (mandolin), Ron Douglas (bass), David Marmor (viola), David Newhouse (drums), and Tom Steventon (electric guitar) joined me (bouzouki) and we had a blast.


Warren said…
Excellent, thanks for sharing all the pieces of Americana as usual!