1920s Harmony-made "Peanut" Soprano Uke

I've worked on this same-model uke and its variations a dozen or so times and they always end-up nice, decently-loud, sweet little boxes. It's all-mahogany in the body with a poplar neck, soprano in size, and "peanut" in shape like the early Hawaiian ukes.

Harmony made these with doweled joints for the most part, so my typical repair rundown for these includes resetting the neck angle and bolting the neck as well. They're then good to go for the future. This got that, a seam repair, a fret level/dress, a new nut, and general cleaning and setup. It plays like the rest of these after work: well and easy.

The pearl position dots aren't original -- the owner asked me to put a couple in.

I love the look of that rosette.

These earlier versions of this uke have ebony saddles -- a nice touch.

Amazingly, there are no cracks.

I forgot that I added tuners, too -- the originals were missing. These are parts-bin ones but they work swell.

The discoloration at the back of the heel hides the entry point of a bolted-neck mod.