1970s Kamaka "White Label" Baritone Ukulele

I'm actually super-jealous of the customer who owns this -- it's the exact type of Kamaka baritone uke I've been hunting for the last couple years. It has flamed koa throughout -- check! It's a 70s white label -- check! It's in good health (now) -- check! It sounds awesome -- check! I like all Kamaka ukes, but I do have a reckless obsession for 70s white label Kamaka ukes as they're built really light and have a poppy, sparkly, airy tone that just makes you want to dig in.

Anyhow, this one was probably made in the mid-70s and, as stated, features flamed koa everywhere -- including the fretboard. It was in for a lot of seam repairs, a fret level/dress, and setup. I can always hope that the fellow decides to sell it! It plays beautifully, now, and has that tone I'm searching for. Personally, though? I'd tune it dGBE re-entrant all in plain strings. I love that sound.

The uke is entirely original.

The darker-colored koa board nicely sets-off the more orangey-bright body. This had a bit of warp in the neck that got dialed-out in the fret work. The neck itself is typical for the time -- a flat board with a rounded, thin (front to back), D-shape.

Right? Pretty stuff.