1986 Alvarez-Yairi DY-45N Dreadnought Guitar

A customer bought this Japanese-made DY-45 from the original owner -- a doctor -- and it's in fastidiously-good condition. At 30 years, you'd expect an instrument to show a bit of wear and tear, but this is cleaner than most guitars I've handled that are just a few years old. It's not that it wasn't played as there was mild fretwear to address, but it was obviously babied by its owner.

It's a pretty guitar and generally follows "style 18" specs in trim, though the binding and main bits of the rosette are a nice, dark red tortoise color. I'm a sucker for the stuff so it's easy on my eyes. Work included a light setup, compensation of the saddle, and a very light fret level/dress. A dryness crack on the lower bout had already been cleated professionally at some point in the past, too.

The nut and saddle are both bone.

The rosewood fretboard has something like a 14" radius and the frets are fairly-standard "vintage medium" in size.

I lightly string-ramped the bridge, too, to get better back-angle on the saddle.

The mahogany neck looks great and has a Martin-ish "volute," too.


Unknown said…
Nice! I own 65706!