1996 Martin DM Dreadnought Guitar

This well-worn, no-frills Martin is a customer's guitar and was in for a fret level/dress and setup. It's now playing spot-on again and the "new-tech" Martin construction seems to have held-up very well over its 20 years of life. With the exception of player-induced wear and tear, the only other complaint is a gingerly-lifting back edge at the bridge. I'd say that's pretty good considering the evidence of much play and rough living.

These DMs have a solid spruce top with ply mahogany back and sides. The necks are modern-feeling and have a slim C shape to them. The body is the usual dreadnought sizing and depth and this has a long 25.4" scale.

The top has some nice bearclaw to it and the board, bridge, and headstock veneer appear to be rosewood. Later-on (these days!) Martin began making guitars like this in Mexico, though this was a US-made product.

Note the factory-cut string ramps and bridge pins following the compensation of the saddle -- smart thinking, Martin!