2006 Breedlove Atlas AC250/SM-12 12-String Guitar

Breedlove guitars have always been forward-thinking and that applies to their Korean-made Atlas line, too. This one dates to 2006 or 2007 and has a smart, practical design. It's a modified 000-size body (15 3/8" on the lower bout but with a soft cutaway) and has a long, Fender-y 25 1/2" scale length. A 1 7/8" nut allows for good string spacing and a 4 5/8" depth (at its deepest) gives it some breathing room to let the low-end get some warmth.

The guitar itself is near-mint with the exception of some light scratches on the back. My work included a full setup which has made it a dramatically-better player. I've also compensated the saddle for each string individually which keeps it in better tune up the neck (most production 12 strings don't bother at all and this one wasn't compensated that way before). It plays with comfort and ease and is strung to pitch (with a set of regular 12-string 47w-10 "lights") despite the long scale length.

The top is solid spruce, x-braced, and features a factory-installed "Bridge Doctor." While I don't generally suggest use of these units because they dampen tone in a traditionally-designed guitar, Breedlove integrated it in the design which allows them to get away with 6-string-style bracing even though this has the tension of 12 on the top. It also gives the instrument a ton of stability -- I tuned this up once after setup and it's still in-pitch days later.

The back and sides are mahogany (ply?) and the neck is, too. The headstock veneer, board, and bridge are all rosewood and the nut and saddle appear to be Tusq or similar.

The dramatic paddle-ish headstock is actually quite practical and affords ease-of-use via those 12 individual mini sealed tuners.

The board is bound in black.

The fit and finish is all top-notch and accurate. This has a satin finish that gives the guitar a contemporary look and feel.

A drop-in saddle makes action height adjustment easy, though the pinless bridge design kinda drives me nuts in the same way Ovation bridges drive me nuts (they're good for the player but obnoxious for the guy setting a guitar up).

These are the only marks on the guitar... and below is what they really look like...

A Fishman undersaddle preamp/pickup package is installed in the guitar from the factory.

A screw-installed endpin jack is featured -- which is my preference. These don't loosen-up in the same way that the hex-nut-installed jacks do.

This comes with a semi-rigid heavy-duty original gigbag/case.