2016 Aaron Schneider Resonator Guitar

While this lap-style resonator guitar is subdued and fairly quiet, no one can deny the cool factor! Mr. Aaron is what the Brits call a "builder" in trade and built this over a couple weeks and cobbled-together its ingredients from aluminum pans, cookie sheets, a neck from a destroyed First Act guitar, and other bits.

It's roughly "terz" in size with a short scale that's probably around 21-23" or so.

The top is thin, solid, pine.

I love he applied headstock "veneer."

The fretboard appears to be a slab of somewhat-curly maple (or similar) to which aluminum inlay has been added as fret markers.

Isn't that wonderful? It's just a pan lid. I egged Aaron on to locate a Beard 8 3/4" 50s-style biscuit cone (or thereabouts) to put in there instead.

The tailpiece was fashioned from an antique horse harness buckle -- as found at one of Aaron's job sites (a friend's family barn).

All of the rivets were made from aluminum cable.