Parts: Early 1980s Fender Mustang/Strat Plastic Bobbin Alnico Pickup

Fully-functional, all-original, and reading a 6.0k ohms with a bright, clean tone. These are USA-made pickups on the first iteration of the plastic bobbin (right around 1980) and use Alnico polepieces. This would be a drop-in replacement for a Mustang, Bronco, or Musicmaster guitar from the time and will also fit a Strat, too. It has its original, worn, black plastic cover.

Interestingly, this pickup doesn't have "flat" or non-staggered polepieces -- the poles on this seem to be slightly staggered for plain-G stringing (as in: normal electric strings with an unwound G).

You can see that the poles are just slightly staggered for the differences in string type and gauge (and neck radius).