1970s Japanese-made Epiphone 6832 000-Size Flattop Guitar

The 6832 is the earlier (1970-1971) version of the FT-130, so I'll spare you a long-winded description of this guitar, save to summarize that it's 000-size, has a bolted neck with a Gibson 24 3/4" scale length, and and adjustable bridge. In the lap it handles like a Martin 000 but with a more Gibsonesque neck shape (C, smallish) for the time. It's also all-laminate and sounds, well, good for what it is.

Work to get this one up-to-snuff included a fret level/dress, compensation/recut of the saddle, and the big chore of regluing the neck block and upper brace just forward of it. It'd come entirely loose! No wonder the guitar was unplayable when it came in. Anyhow, it's now playing on-the-dot and should have many good years left in it.

The tuner buttons are silly but I kind-of enjoy them. When I did the frets I leveled the zero fret to the same height as the rest of them so it operates properly, now. I also made sure the nut's slots were deep enough to keep nice back-angle over the zero fret.

The board is rosewood and has a 12" radius. The neck itself is mahogany.

I used gauges in-between "lights" or 12s and "custom lights" or 11s to spare the electric-style neck.