2003 Martin OM-42 Flattop Guitar

I've had this guitar in the shop (it's owned by a local friend) three times, now, and I finally managed to snag a few pictures and record a soundclip. I was doing a fret level/dress on it, but I've also set it up and reglued the bridge in the past. It's a newer guitar but the owner plays it pretty hard (he's a John Fahey-inspired fingerpicker) and it's my opinion that all of that playing is part of why it sounds authoritative and ready-to-rumble.

OMs are different from 000 Martin is one respect, mainly -- they have a long 25.4" scale length compared to the short 24.9" of the 000. That means that they bark and bite more like a dreadnought, though with much more focus in the mids due to the tighter waist and slimmer depth. It's perfect for a hard fingerpicker like the owner of this beaut.

This OM also happens to be a Style 42 which means pearl up the wazoo, rosewood back and sides, an ebony fretboard and bridge, and fancy fossilized ivory pins and nut -- all with a more of a dignified look than the even-fancier Style 45 appointments which ratchet the pearl up a notch or two more.

As you might expect, the guitar is cleanly-built, classy in every way, and a cannon. When the owner jams with us we can certainly hear what he's doing in the din of guitars.

The small tortoise guard is a thankful retro touch.

I wish that I'd been able to get outside shots, but it was snow-raining all day long.