Parts: 1890s 10" Spunover Banjo Pot & Hardware

I've been going through piles of things I've traded for work in the past few months and figuring out what I want to work on as my time is quite limited these days. This is a perfectly-excellent 1890s-era banjo rim that was probably off of an A-scale (24-25") 5-string instrument.

It has 28 hooks and all of the hardware is original except for 3 replacement hook/nuts which are period replacements. The head is torn but the original endbolt and tail hanger are included (something often lost). I can't quite place the maker by the hardware but a serial stamp on the inside of the rim, a cutout for the tailpiece-end of the dowel, and the overall heavy duty of the build (the maple "sidewall" of the rim is a little thicker than others from the period) suggests Boston-made to me and good quality.

The hardware is all nickel-plated brass that's got a definite "patina" to it. I haven't cleaned it up at all and usually all I do to something like this is wipe it down and dust it as the look is so great as-is.