Upcoming & Listed

Every year I try to stock inventory up before the holidays and every year I fail pretty terribly! This year's about the same and you'll all probably be seeing much more to plink coin down on in January. Still -- I have some goodies coming.

Hopefully by the end of the day I'll have an early-50s Gibson LG-2, 1942 Gibson L-00, and 1890s Fairbanks 5-string banjo done and up for sale. On Tuesday a 50s Martin 000-18 should be ready and I'm hoping to have a couple of Kalamazoos (1930s KG-14 and KG-11) as well as a pair of Epiphones (1930s archtop and 1950s flattop, both NY-made) done by the end of next week, too. With luck I'll be able to finish-off a brace of Martin tenor guitars before the New Year, too.

I've also put a couple from my own stash up as well -- the first Bullet One Deluxe I bought (at cost and with an OHSC included) and that lovely Favilla balalaika.