Ephemera: Family Snap (1930s)

...with a big old sunburst box.


Nick R said…
I would be very surprised if that guitar was a Harmony made instrument. I think it might more likely be from Regal, Kay or OS but not Harmony- even one made for a third party vendor. Those position markers are not Harmonyesque.
Jake Wildwood said…
I see your point, but I thought it might be one like this:


Otherwise I would guess OS due to that OS-like pickguard shape.

Thanks for your keen eye!
Jake Wildwood said…
*edited the original post, now
Nick R said…

I agree it is like that Vagabond. However, the pickguard over a part of the sound hole was a Harmony feature on a few early round hole archtops- but quickly the guard was shaped to the hole. When Harmony used dots- as opposed to a stencil, like the Vagabond that dot configuration was not used, to my knowledge. I have spent more time than is good for a man's sanity trying to differentiate the makers of these lower end 1930s boxes. I'm not an expert but my gut feeling is that Harmony was the least likely of the four contenders.If only the headstock had not been obscured it would be another little bit of definitive info! You did not need to edit the caption but I admire your efforts to be accurate and helpful!