Ephemera: Rope That Kay! (1940s)


Nick R said…
I have a Kay just like that one. It's an all plywood box and one of the tone bars has fallen out so the top has sagged- but not cracked at all! It has that Kay Kraft Bakelite double-sided bridge that people rave about. This I believe means it was made no later than 1938. Annoyingly, your man is obscuring the bridge on his but it's identical to mine- apart from the fact that the top has not collapsed. Mine was exported to the UK to be sold by famous music dealer J E Dallas of London- as one of that company'e many brands- in this case a Monarch. I think as we now live in the Great Retro Age somebody has revived some of the Dallas brands. David Gilmour famous guitarslinger of note had one of the company's lapsteel guitars- branded as a Jedson which clever people will deduce is a play on the company's name- unlike Monarch which was the King's job back in 1938.