2000s Earnest Tenorcaster Electric Tenor Guitar

I've had the chance to run into a few nice solid-body tenor guitars over the last few years and this one takes the cake -- it's the most fun one I've played outside of an old Gibson ETG-150 and the fit, finish, and build of the instrument is bang on-the-dot. I guess I should expect that from Mr. Joel of Earnest Instruments, however!

The owner bought this second-hand, though the instrument appears fresh and new. It's an interesting build as the "blackguard" look is fit to a solid mahogany body in a Gibson-esque red satin finish. The neck is also mahogany and sports a rosewood fretboard. The bridge is a standard Tele-style bridge minus a couple of saddles and I have no idea what pickups are in it except that the bridge pickup is hot as heck.

To get the balance on the pickups similar (per the owner's request) we jacked the bridge pickup way down and the neck pickup way up. This gives a distinctly different tone at each position -- a saturated, jazzy neck tone and a clear, bell-like, Tele bridge tone that's not trying to drive the amp to extremes.