2011 Beard E-Odyssey Squareneck Dobro-style Resonator Guitar

Apparently, this Odyssey was only #2 for the model when produced and was a custom order -- that explains the alterations over the "standard palette" for the model posted on Beard's own site. That aside, this guitar is hubba-hubba beautiful, chock full of solid wood throughout, and sounds absolutely enormous. It has an in-your-face, saucy, refined, and sweetly chocolate-tinged voice that will stand out in group or jam circles but will also satiate the need for something extra when playing alone.

Its owner brought it in for consignment and aside from a tiny bit of "blush" in the finish on the upper-bout rear and a couple of very tiny dings (the only ones I found -- about the size of an * on your keyboard), it's in an as-new state.

The neck and headstock veneer are mahogany and all the binding is flamed maple. The fretboard is ebony and the nut is bone.

Small position dots are the only decoration to the board itself.

This is strung GBDGBD at the moment (bluegrass standard) with what feel like D'Addario "flat top" strings -- ground-wound.

Inside the cool, oval, "cylops" soundhole one can glimpse Beard innovations at work...

The "solar" coverplate is tres cool.

Waverly tuners mean you won't be fussing with tuning stability issues.

The back of the neck has nice, flattened beveling to its edges.

The guitar has straplock retainers in the case...

...which is a super-high-quality, hard, arched-lid TKL unit.