1920s German-made 4/4 Strad-Copy Violin

The label on this fiddle clearly states that it was "Made in Germany" and specifies two locales -- Mittenwald and Garmisch. Since the latter joined forces with another local town in 1935, this (and the general build) suggests earlier -- 1920s, probably. Wherever it was built, the quality of the build is obvious in a nice cut to the top, good finishing, and good materials -- a close-grained spruce top, ebony for all the fittings and fingerboard, and purfling both on the top and back. The sound is even, sweet, and clear.

This instrument was dropped by its local owner and the only way I could insure stability in the (detached) neck was to reset it "pinned" into the neckblock. This also afforded me the chance to knock the neck angle back to keep the bridge at a healthy height into the future. Otherwise, as far as I can tell, it's original in its entirety save for the bridge. My only other work was to set the soundpost and shim-up a bridge foot until the owner can find an equally-nice, taller bridge to fit to this.