1950s Ampro 1x12 Speaker Cabinet

About a year ago, a friend of mine gave me a nice Weber 12" speaker and I've been searching for the right cab for it ever since. This one popped up on eBay and bam, I was on it! I've been tempted by various versions of this cab for years. It's a heavy-duty plywood cabinet with a cool "curved top" and very deco metal grille. When I swapped the speaker I added the green "amp cloth," however, to keep dust out, as originally the speaker was exposed (thanks, Dear Bonnie Mine, for allowing me to raid your fabric again).

A friend of mine bought a Vox MV50 for use live with me, so I gifted him my "suitcase" cab and will be plugging my own MV50 into this thing when it's not stuffed into a gigbag. How's it sound? Well -- just peachy! Full, round, and sweet -- with a lot of clarity.

The original (Alnico) speaker that came with the amp is very cool and looked like it cost a bunch of dough when it was made, but unfortunately had paper-buzzing noises on various frequencies to the point where it was driving me a little mad. Hence the Weber installed in there...

Yeah, my "cable out" through the top is very "down-and-dirty," but it gets the job done.