1960s Japanese-made Decca Hawaiian Parlor Guitar

3/4-size (23" scale) Hawaiian guitars are not without precedent, but this was clearly supposed to be a "normal" guitar when it was made in all its student-market, all-ply build, glory. I would've returned it to regular stringing, too, as I have kids and student-folk in town that could make use of this, but the fretting and neck was just too messed-up and doing a refret on something like this is just silly.

So -- after gluing a couple seams, tightening the bolts on the bridge, and adding a new bone saddle (in a new saddle slot), I popped-on an extender nut and strung it up to open G tuning -- GDGBDG -- like "regular" guitar's open D but at the 5th fret. It actually sounds quite respectable strung like this, so I suppose it'll hang around getting some porch-play until I find some victim to hand it to.

The nut extender is aluminum and probably from the 30s.

The ply-spruce top is chased by ply-mahogany back and sides.