1992 G&L L2000 Electric Bass

This bass was also just in for a setup and it has the usual air of a US-made G&L -- heavy-duty, precisely-built, and evolved from the old Fender norms but very familiar to a Fender player. My only gripe with it is that it's on the heavier side and I completely space-out on instruments with too many switches. It's also built so rock-stable that it doesn't give you the friendly belly-rub when playing it like an old, lighter-weight Fender might.

Still, it's worthy and has survived 25 years of play (and some neglect) with only needing 20 minutes of adjustment to dial it in. I can't say that for any car I've owned.

The massive gauges that the owner prefers have not given this neck any nightmares. It's dead-straight and the truss works freely and effectively.

The bridge was missing one adjustment screw, but even so it was functional as there's a "side-lock" feature on this bridge that allows the player to lock the saddles in place after getting them where he/she wants them.