2010 Fender Japan Geddy Lee Jazz Bass

This bass just came in for a setup, and that's what it got, but I figured I'd share my thoughts on it. Were you, maybe, a budding bass player, seeking to emulate John Paul Jones by slinging a Jazz Bass around? I was. Fortunately, I learned that I like a bit more thump off the bat and a little less definition. The Fender Jazz is all about definition and so I really wasn't matched to the Squier Jazz I learned on, but I sure learned that those pickups hear everything bad about one's technique, if you let them... and everything good about it, too.

This one is no different, and is otherwise similar to any other Fender Japan production Jazz, save that the neck is ultra-thin (front-to-back) and has that 70s, big-block marker thing going on. It also has a heavy Badass bridge which probably boosts sustain, though I'm a traditionalist here and tend to prefer the simpler, lighter-weight, P-bass units with the threaded saddles.

Overall, it's actually pretty fun to play -- the neck feels incredibly fast. It's also resonant and somewhat lightweight for its type, so the whole thing rings-out (and those Snark tuners have no issue catching the low E&A signals on this one, it shakes so much).

The neck is also its weakest point, however, as when this bass came in it was bowed like crazy. Its heel-end adjustment needed a socket to get the rod to turn enough to counteract the warp, but fortunately it had enough adjustment left to do so. I can't really blame the maker for that, however, as the owner seems to have a thing for heavy gauges.

The serial dates it from '07-'10, but I'm guesstimating it to be on the later side of that production.