2017 Wildwood Spring Rumbler #4

Like its big brother, rumbler #1, #4 here is built into an old, heavy-duty, metal cabinet. This one is quite a bit smaller than #1 and is built into the metal cabinet of a "code practice oscillator" (scroll down on this page for information on that) built by Insuline Corp -- it's a 1950s model 4300 Signatone Deluxe. As the guts were funky, I tore them out and recycled some of the original bits to my various bins... and then put this together with yet another parts-bin humbucker pickup that senses spring vibrations like a reverb tank gone nutty.

You "play" it like a percussion instrument or effect -- though because it uses a magnetic pickup it's totally passive. You can "drum" on all sides to get a reverb-drenched percussion effect, hit the springs inside for a terrible crash sound, put it into an amp and drench it in gain for feedback-laden industrial found-sound tones, or... do... whatever. It has a volume and tone control and two output jacks, so you can split the signal to two places or pass something else through it as well on the same chain.

The cabinet is very clean. The knobs are not original but they're similar to what would've been on it.

The pots are 500k Alphas and the tone cap is a .022 polyester bit.

The springs are soldered into place to keep them from turning at weird angles with man-handling.


Ambrose said…
Ar you selling these things?
Jake Wildwood said…
I am and have -- I don't have any left!

I will be making more, though, when I need a mental break from guitars. :)