2017 Wildwood Spring Rumbler #5

Rumbler #5 is the smallest yet and is housed in a happy-looking mixed-nuts tin from, presumably, the 1920s or 30s. The thin metal box gives a lively sound and it's bare-bones for electronics with only an old 1940s output jack and single 500k volume pot. Under the lid are three smaller-gauge springs and an Alnico-magnet "lipstick" single coil pickup. Because the output is low and because of the pickup type, this "spring rumbler" does not drive an amp in the same fashion as the humbucker versions, but it does have the most "acoustic" and transparent tone and is a bit more body sensitive on all sides which means it works excellently-well for hand-drumming "play."

Like the other spring rumblers, this is made to be an effect or percussion instrument and you can figure out how to use it. Somewhere in the soundclip I start using a paintbrush on the back of it and I really did like that effect as a snare replacement idea. It's a "get creative" tool and it's small so it moves around easily.

The rosewood knob, vintage jack, and old hex nuts give it an "antique" presence, no?

Very simple!