2017 Wildwood Spring Rumbler #6

Here's spring rumbler #6, made from an old lock-box, and ruggedly handsome. This is a "percussive effect" and this one has a hot humbucker pickup mounted inside that senses both a set of springs and body sensitivity focused on the rear. Thus, it's a reverb-crazy percussion thingy limited only by what you bang it with and how you bang it -- but it can also just be used as a "noise machine." I've already heard a few people making use of these on record and live and I'm pretty psyched with seeing what people do with them.

The volume pot is a 500K Alpha and the jack is Switchcraft.

The bent, jammed-in key can be turned to unlock the lock-box and peek inside or modify the mechanism. You can also use this for "door-slamming," though I'd suggest leaving it closed. There's a handle on the far side of the box that can be used for ugly rattling/clanking noises.