2017 Wildwood Spring Rumbler #7

Like the Mixed Nuts spring rumbler, this one (#7) uses a smaller tin and a Danelectro-style lipstick pickup rather than a hot funky humbucker. The tone is more subdued and transparent because of it, which lends itself to a bit more warmth/bass as well. It makes a good "thick hand-drum" rumbler but takes brushes, decently, too.

For whatever reason, this box is also a bit more feedback-prone than others, so you can really sculpt your weeooooooo noises as you come towards and go away from a guitar amp -- if you happen to have it plugged into one rather than going direct to a board or something like that.

Like the other rumblers, this is intended as a plug-in percussive/noise effect. Get creative and thump on it -- and add whatever effects you like. I've heard good use of delay, slap-back echo, and tremolo on these by other players.

The rusty old Maxwell House tin is, well, somewhat cute. This has a volume control (Alpha 500K) and a Switchcraft jack and that's it.

Inside is a crazy tumble -- three springs running over the pickup and two that link the middle spring to the top and the bottom of the box to make the whole mess more body-sensitive.