Workshop: DIY Suitcase Speaker Cab

Problem: I need a small cabinet for the workshop to sit near my new Vox MV50 AC for testing stuff out. It needs to be shallow so it's not under-foot and it needs to sound okay. It should also be cheap.

Solution: half an hour's time with a Dremel, hand drill, and soldering iron and, hey presto! -- this poor old ply-and-cardboard suitcase (given to me years ago) becomes a speaker cab that actually sounds quite superior to the MDF cab that my AC4 previously sat in -- and I know it because it's toting the same 10" speaker.

Aren't Dremel circle-cutting router gizmo mounts just the best?

A Switchcraft jack and a handle from the old Vox cab (to replace a broken one on the suitcasae) finish the job.