1994 Martin M-36 Jumbo Flattop Guitar

Strangely enough, in our area of Vermont there's an outsized number of M-sized (0000, 16" on the lower bout) Martins that come in for adjustment. This one was sold by Umanov's shop sometime in the past and dates to 1994. It must've had some "aging toner" on the top as it has a full, buttery-orange, "vintage" look to the spruce. Its owner came by to have some binding reglued (3 minutes' work, thankfully), but I also gave it a quick setup as the action was getting fairly brutal.

I'm not usually over-the-moon about M-size Martins, but this one sure has it. With its D-35-style rosewood back and sides and long scale length, it dishes it out like a cross between an OM and a D-35. Notes are punchy, full, and "dread" in timbre, but there's a bit more balance overall and a good dose of bass response. It's an impressive box.

The only clunky design feature on the guitar are the big, sealed tuners. They work, however!

The board and bridge are ebony.

I had to shave the saddle down and compensate it (as it'd never been comp'd for the B-string, anyhow), which also necessitated adding some string ramps. As usual, volume and punch shot right up after these changes.

Poor heel cap!