State of the Shop: June 2017

While the country talks about "infrastructure," I've been floundering in my own dried-up equipment and continuing breaking-appliance woes -- $400 in new shipping boxes (yes, eventually the pile of reused boxes diminishes), replacement tools, large amounts of random supplies... it's been like watching a waterfall of green cascading downward. Fortunately, compared to the needs of the rest of the country, my woes are pretty tiny.

Work continues and I've shifted focus entirely from consignment and sale instruments to long-term repairs and have been making some great progress in the past week or so. There's a whole army of gorgeous guitars that will be surfacing at the end of the week and into the next... followed by a cluster of consignment instruments into the latter part of the month including a variety of mahogany-topped Martins (tenors and 0-size), a '20s 0-18K, and a 1918 Martin 0-18.

Considering the (also) dried-up funds (so I've heard) in other pickers' banks, I will also be trying to concentrate on liberating some down-or-mid-market consignments from the repair racks as well in the near future -- including a brace of '60s Harmony Sovereigns (000 and jumbo) and similar gear.

The "soon-to-view repair customer" gear is really enchanting stuff -- a Harmony Lindbergh parlor, Bohmann beasts, a Tilton-patent guitar, Bay State parlor, some '60s rosewood Martins, and a plate full of random mandolins. It'll be fun!


Brad Smith said…
looking forward to seeing the Lindbergh bridge on that Harmony AND to the beastly Bohmanns! Joseph Bohmann was the self-proclaimed "World's greatest musical instrument manufacturer." And he had some interesting and unique ideas about finishes, inlays, tuning machines and bridges.