Museum Updated

I updated all the listings on the Museum page. It's shocking how much ground there is to cover when one hasn't updated it for 10 months! I've been continually trying to organize it more effectively (uke-heavy makers now have different uke sizing categories, for example) and also make it more inclusive by adding-in makers I wasn't covering on the list before.

It's time consuming, for sure, and a little bit wild to see how even a portion of the gear I've worked-on makes such a long list. Yikes! When I go back to add old posts I also see how primitive some of my work was from even 6 or 7 years ago. Functional -- but, ya know -- not like what I'm doing these days. Improvement and efficiency! I use a lot more small-job power tools, now, to make some frustrating jobs a lot faster, too.


Warren said…
Jake, your museum section is just outstanding! What a wealth of information and knowledge for everyone to use and enjoy. You have certainly churned through some awesome instruments so far. Very much appreciated, please keep it up!