Chop Shop: 2009 Mexican Strat

I fixed this up just recently, but a friend/customer of mine desired it for a mod-tastic adventure and now instead of a typical Strat layout, it's bearing a 1961 Danelectro lipstick pickup in the neck, a mid-'70s Tokai "greybottom" Strat pickup in the middle, and some sort of '80s dual-blade humbucker in the bridge (which seems to have SD wiring colors).

The first tone pot targets the neck and middle and the second just the bridge and it has the usual 5-way switch -- with no out-of-phase issues right out of the gate (surprisingly). He had me use the original 100k '61 tone/volume pots and tone cap from the Danelectro donor, though the bridge pickup has a new Alpha 500k pot, the jack is Switchcraft, and the 5-way switch is a nice-quality PCB unit (I like them because they're more logical in layout than the old-style switches). It also got a new thick plain-white pickguard and trem cover (both Warmoth) and an upgrade steel trem block and US-threaded bar. 

All these mods have turned-out a killer, retro-flavored guitar that does a great '60s chime in 4 positions with a thicker, saucy 5th position. It's interesting to hear the neck and middle pickups engaged together -- a bit Stratty but with that more transparent, ringing Dano vibe. It might be my favorite selection on the guitar... which is ironic as I'm usually very much not into the 2 and 4 positions on a Strat.