1962 Martin 0-15T Flattop Tenor Guitar

This consignor's 0-15T is a great example of the model -- it's entirely original and pretty clean save for some old repairs to a couple of small hairline cracks on the back. It also has that woody, sweet, compressed mahogany-top tone to it that's so sublime in a Martin format.

My work on it was basic and included a fret level/dress, saddle shave and recompensation, light string-ramping behind the saddle, and a clean-up of the bridge's finish which had bleached and dried-out a bit. The neck had a hair of relief to it and so the level/dress job on the frets left the ones nearer the nut slightly lower than the ones in the middle of the neck -- something you wouldn't notice unless I told you about it. It's playing on-the-dot with 1/16" action at the 12th fret and strung with 32w, 22w, 13, 9 strings for CGDA (standard) tuning.

The main difference between an 0-17T and an 0-15T (like this one) is that the 15 has a satin rather than gloss/semi-gloss finish. It has the same specs, otherwise -- a 13 5/8" lower bout width, 1 1/4" nut width, and 23" scale.

While the neck and body are all solid mahogany, the fretboard, headstock veneer, and bridge are rosewood.

The fretboard is flat, the dots are cream, and the neck shape is a medium C/soft V hybrid shape.

In person, the guitar is a bit less of a bright red-brown and more of a muted, darker brown. It just so happened that I took these pictures close to sunset and the light was vibrant on it. All old mahogany Martins just glow in good sun.

Here are the two, small, roughly 1 1/2" to 2" hairline cracks on the rear. They were repaired and sealed a while back and the finish was touched-up a bit around them.

There's a bit of use-wear in the finish at the back of the neck.

An original chip case comes with it.

Ms. Mary Cook had good taste!