2011 Gibson Midtown Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar (with Bigsby)

While the standard Gibson Midtown has a stop tail, this one made in 2011 was part of a limited run that came equipped with a Bigsby vibrato. This is a hip guitar -- with a flat top and back but semi-hollow in construction and using a slightly-narrower ES-335 shape with maple top and mahogany back. It's a bit of a hybrid between a Les Paul and 335, though the flat profile of the thing reminds me of Les Paul Specials. Weight-wise it feels about the heft of an average Telecaster, though it's substantially larger in width and length compared to a Tele.

Sound-wise this mostly reminds me of a Les Paul with a bit of humbucker SG-style upper mids and a little more of a fundamental, to-the-point, jazzbox mwah thrown in. It works really well, basically, at nailing a variety of classic Gibson tones -- and I appreciate the very simple control layout (volume, tone, 3-way) and the substantial, functional Bigsby.

This guitar is essentially mint. It looks like something that's been hanging in the store for a few months. There's just one tiny ding and two or three tiny ding-scratches on the "leg" side of the guitar's side and that's all the wear and tear it's seen. I just gave it a fresh setup with a set of 46w-10 strings and it's playing on-the-dot with 1/16" action at the 12th fret overall (and a hair under on the high E side). This one is smooth sailing in the hands and has a classic, mild C-shaped neck profile that's quite quick.

The bright red and white treatment reminds me of old Harmony Rockets or Valco/National-inspired instruments. It's eye-catching and classic.

The tapered headstock is a nice touch -- as are the chromed keystone tuner buttons.

The rosewood board has a 12" radius and feels great.

These pickups have superb tone. I'm familiar with hearing plenty of delicious old humbuckers, but it's rarer to hear a new one that really does it with gusto straight from the factory.

The roller saddles on top of the TOM bridge (which sways a little itself) are extra insurance for the Bigsby wailer. Despite the new strings, it seems to be holding pitch well after plenty of bar use.

The original hard case comes with it, of course.


Unknown said…
She's a beauty, how much is she going for ?
Jake Wildwood said…
Eamon: $1200 shipped.