2017 Vermont Kitbashed Resonator Ukulele

I handed a local acquaintance-slash-customer of mine a 6" resonator cone (from a tricone arrangement) and, months later, he came back with this sucker, made from a tiny 6-string "toy guitar." Impressive -- and it sounds excellent, too!

His work included filling the original soundhole, modding the headstock for four strings, installing a dowel through the length of the body, cutting the hole for the resonator and the new "hot rod flames" soundhole, making a bridge, nut, and saddle, and making and installing a new fretboard. I helped him out with the final fret level/dress and setup adjustments, but he made it darn close all on his own.

I love seeing "junk" transformed. Good job!

He used the "reverse biscuit cone" setup I've used on a few of my own resonator uke projects.